RAKLI - Connecting real estate professionals

RAKLI´s members include Finland´s most prominent owners of residential and commercial properties and infrastructure, tenants of commercial facilities, property investors, building contractors and service providers. The members represent both the private and the public sector, and member organisations number around 200 in total.

The Association provides services in lobbying, networking, R&D and expertise. These are presented in more detail below.

Providing leadership

RAKLI strives to improve the operating conditions of the property and construction industry, the functionality of the market and the development of expertise. The association represents its members in property ownership issues that pertain to legislation, taxation and common policies. This is done by contacts with politicians, ministries, civil servants and the media, as well as by giving statements on current issues. We follow public decision-making and its preparation and participate in the industry´s working groups, create initiatives and issue opinions. RAKLI also actively keeps its members informed about ongoing legislative processes.

Networking professionals

The members of the association have the chance to participate in RAKLI´s committees or working groups and to work side-by-side with other leaders. RAKLI also provides its members with opportunities for networking within the membership and with a variety of service providers in the real estate industry
by organising seminars and other current events.

Research and development - Promotion of best practices and common standards

RAKLI provides its members with abundant support in R&D activities. It conducts several projects annually in cooperation with its members, and it also participates actively in many common research projects in the real estate and infrastructure sector.

RAKLI contributes to the implementation of best practices in the fields of Asset, Property and Facilities Management as well as Procurement. Moreover, it promotes the application of high standards to building industry processes, real estate market information and benchmarking. RAKLI is a key player when new standards are developed for the Finnish real estate, construction and infrastructure industry. Legal and other advice related to the industry is available to the members, as well as information on the Finnish market.

Education and expertise

RAKLI actively promotes the development of education in the Finnish real estate sector. We have initiated further education courses for construction clients and real estate executives and participated in creating certification schemes for real estate executives, among other things. We wish to cultivate the high level of Finnish expertise in collaboration with universities and adult education centres.