RAKLI - The Finnish Association of Building Owners and Construction Clients

Buildings and infrastructure represent the foundation on which a functional society and successful economy are built. The built environment makes up over 70 percent of Finland´s national wealth. RAKLI´s goal is to ensure that buildings and infrastructure serve the needs of their users, and that our built environment is functional and attractive. A functional living and operating environment increases competitiveness and welfare - and will give Finland an edge in international competition.

Connecting construction professionals

RAKLI´s members include Finland´s most prominent owners of residential and commercial properties and infrastructure, tenants of commercial facilities, property investors and service providers. The members represent both the private and the public sector, and member organisations number around 200 in total.

The association brings together property and construction professionals. More than 200 representatives of the member organisations actively volunteer in the association. RAKLI also cooperates with an extensive network of development partners. In addition, the association coordinates the activities of the Finnish Council of Shopping Centres, SOA - The Finnish Association of Student Housing Organisations and the Finnish Association of Construction Management Companies. RAKLI is also a member of a number of international organisations.

Mission: Competitiveness and wellbeing from built environment
Vision: The Best Homes, Commercial and Public Properties and Infrastructure