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    RAKLI office

    RAKLI ry

    The Finnish Association of Property Owners and Construction Clients
    Annankatu 24, 2. krs.
    00100 Helsinki

    Billing address

    Electronic invoice

    Invoice address: 003710702962
    Operator: OpusCapita Solutions Oy
    Operator number: E204503

    Paper invoice

    RAKLI ry
    PL 44941
    00063 LASKUNET

    Please state the person who made the order.


    Anni Laukka
    +358 40 125 8654


    Business identity code (Y-tunnus): 1070296-2

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    Mikko Somersalmi
    Technical Director
    Person image
    Aija Tasa
    Director, Housing
    Person image
    Mikko Östring
    Director, Commercial and Public Properties
    Person image
    Kimmo Kurunmäki
    Director, Urban development and infrastructure
    Person image
    Miika Kotaniemi
    Director, Real Estate Investment
    Person image
    Eva Elston-Hämäläinen
    Person image
    Juho Kess
    Project Manager
    Person image
    Marika Latvala
    Development Manager
    Person image
    Lauri Lehtoruusu
    Specialist, Student Housing
    On paternal leave 19.7.2021 – 28.1.2022
    Person image
    Jani Sillanpää
    SOA – The Finnish Associations of Student Housing Organisations, Executive Director (9.8.2021-28.1.2022)
    Person image
    Mikael Långström
    Manager, Digital Innovations
    Person image
    Susanna Aula
    Communications Manager
    Person image
    Olli-Pekka Pajala
    Project Engineer
    Person image
    Katja Kuikka
    Communications Officer
    Person image
    Anni Laukka
    Administrative Officer
    Person image
    Katja Kärkkäinen
    Office Assistant
    Person image
    Selma Heiskanen